Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 27

(September 29, 2015)
                Prior to the Lord revealing that what we use for bread and wine in the Sacrament is not important, I would certainly have thought it would be of extreme importance.  It makes sense, of course, that revelations was required to change this practice because I cannot see making this change without revelation.

                But the larger point is that there is, in my mind, no way to logically determine what is and what is not essential in our relation to Deity and what is optional.  There is no amount of reasoning that can lead us to the conclusion that the words of the Sacramental prayer brook not changes but the actual emblems can be anything (and, in fact, recently the former has even seen some relaxing).

                Reason cannot ever supplant revelation no matter how much some may want it to because we are aspiring to learn what God knows and we cannot reach that on our own.  Even the smallest errors of thinking risk extraordinary deviations when projected out through eternity. We need the Lord to teach us so as to ensure that the minute corrections necessary are constantly being put into place regardless of what our logic or reason along the way may have to say on the matter.

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