Friday, September 4, 2015

Enos 1

(August 18, 2015)
                Enos is such a model for how we should each deal with our enemies.  The Lamanites, at this time, were doing their utmost to destroy the Nephites.  Not only to kill them, but to destroy absolutely everything about them (their culture, their people, their records, and everything).  Enos, instead of being angry with them, prayed for their salvation at the hands of the Lord.  Later we read that the Nephites strove to bring them to a knowledge of the truth and to be happy, despite their aggressive actions against them.

                To be honest, this is something that I need to repent of.  There are those who have taken the mantle of being my enemy, and they have willingly hurt me enough that I want something to happen to stop them from continuing their wrongful actions towards me. I want the Lord to intercede and ‘bring them to justice.’  This, of course, is foolish on so many levels on my part.  What I should be doing, as did Enos and the Nephites, is to pray for those enemies and do everything I can to bring them to the knowledge of the truth so that they can be happy.

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