Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 28-29

(September 30, 2015)
                There are those who have wondered why God, if He loves us all, would allow some to receive the misery of damnation.  I think the answer is contained quite clearly in this reading.  There are those, who because of their choices and experiences, arrive at a point where they love darkness more than light.  Once we reach that point – once we love darkness more than light – then receiving the Salvation offered through the Atonement of Christ would be an agony for us.

                The challenge for us in mortality is to begin the process of sanctification.  We are to come to an understanding of our fallen natures and the areas of our lives where we also love darkness more than light.  And we must decide for ourselves if we choose to remain in that darkness, or whether we will allow the Lord to change our very natures into something that desires the light.  He is willing to do that if we are willing to allow it.

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