Friday, September 4, 2015

Jacob 2

(August 14, 2015)
                There are those who believe that pride is essentially a private sin.  In the first place, I dispute the notion that there even exists something that could be called a private sin – all of our sins damage our spirits, separate us from God, and lead us to harm those around us (I can sadly say this from experience).

                But pride is a particular vice that is never private.  Pride, being competitive in nature, lives in our hearts but corrupts them until we are set at odds with everyone around us.  First we need to succeed to exceed them, then if that doesn’t happen we need to tear them down in order to exceed them.  The inevitable result of pride is a heart so consumed and blackened that it seeks the destruction of everyone else to lower them in comparison with the proud in any way possible.

                Satan is the ultimate and final example of the path that pride will take someone on, and we certainly cannot argue that Satan’s weakness are essentially private in nature.

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