Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doctrine and Covenants 11

(September 20, 2015)
                Why is patience so often required, even when we are desiring a good thing (such as sharing the Gospel)?  It would seem that, when we want something good and selfless, that getting it quickly would be uniformly good – but that has more to do with our own limited understanding than it does with the Gospel.

                God has a perfect plan for us, and in includes not only things happening in His way but in His time as well.  We may think that we are desiring a good thing when we desire to share the Gospel right now (and, in the abstract, we may be right).  But the truth of the matter is that by us doing what we want when we want to, our righteous desires may result in tragic circumstances (or even just missed opportunities).

                The world and the tapestry of intermingling threads of destiny are so complex that none of us can ever predict the consequences of our actions.  We are utterly dependent on the Lord (rather than our own limited wisdom and good intentions) in order to not work against the Lord and to accomplish the greatest good we can on His behalf.

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