Friday, September 4, 2015

Jacob 3-4

(August 15, 2015)
                We know and understand that society, culture, and the actions of others can lead to an environment where sin and filthiness is highly probable.  We are left, in light of that knowledge, unsure of how to properly judge ourselves and others in light of the cultural, environmental, and personal forces at work in our lives.

                Of course, that is one of many reasons we simply are not to judge.  If we need to consider the issue, it is better to assume that all filthiness that we see in others was actually caused by society, culture, or the actions of others.  We should also assume that all filthiness in ourselves was cause by our own decisions and weaknesses.

                Viewing the world in this way allows us to extend complete charity to those around us while holding ourselves to the perfect standard that will allow us to forego self-deception and create an environment where the Atonement and Christ’s Grace will be able to fully change us.

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