Monday, September 21, 2015

Alma 1

(September 13, 2015)
                Lies and deception are sadly all too commonplace today.  But lies cannot survive a face-to-face with the truth, and must silence the truth at all costs.  The fundamental First Amendment argument is that the counter to bad speech is not less speech but more speech because, in the end, truth will win out.  Lies cannot have that confidence.

                That can guide us when we are wondering if we are being deceptive (including self-deceptive).  Do we want to silence those who disagree with us?  Or do we want to engage those who disagree with us?  Is it more important that everyone is fully heard, or is it more important that one side is not heard?  These sorts of things are key indicators in whether we are lying to ourselves and don’t want to be found out.

                If we are in a position where we are trying to silence the opposition, or silence anyone, it is a really bad sign.  The Lord works through truth and light, and doesn’t need to hide in order to accomplish His work.

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