Monday, September 21, 2015

Revelations 21-22

(September 10, 2015)
                As I read through these chapters, I struggle to see how anyone could read this and still believe in the Nicean Creed.  There is, as you read carefully, a clear delineation between Christ (who John knew) and the Father.  Christ goes out of His way to make that difference clear to John (presumably because He knew how Platonism would infect the Gospel), but to no avail.

                The other thing that struck me was on Christ not allowing John to worship Him – expressly pointing out to him that even post-resurrection, Christ was a fellow-servant of the Father.

                We know of Christ’s importance – no man can come to the Father but by Him.  But we also know of His humility, in that He is fully satisfied if all glory goes to His (and our) Father.  Even after completing the Atonement, He maintained this level of humility.

                I have, admittedly, struggled to know the line that I was to walk between worshiping Christ (the center of our faith) and worshipping the Father.  But, in the end, I suppose I can do no better than doing what Christ asks of me – while understanding His essential role, directing all praise and glory and thanksgiving to the Father.

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