Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Alma 12

(September 22, 2015)
                We like to deceive ourselves that what truly matters is how serious a sin is (and not whether we are sinning at all).  We think that we may be falling short of the standards we know to be true, and we may be holding back a portion of our will from the Lord, but so-and-so over there is doing something far worse than we are and so we are (relatively) righteous.

                But this is a conceit that is not supported by scripture.  In this chapter, the language couldn’t be more clear.  Whosoever will harden their heart and do iniquity will not enter in to the rest of the Lord.  There is not discussion of the relative severity of that iniquity, but rather just the question of its existence.  Have we been made completely clean through the Atonement of Christ?  Then we may enter His rest.  Do we hold back one sin (however small) and refuse to put it upon the altar?  Then we have damned ourselves.

                Giving our wills over completely to the Lord is a difficult process, but it is the only way to return to live with God.  Half measures will not and can not work.

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