Monday, September 14, 2015

2 Peter 2-3

(August 29, 2015)
                I love Peter’s turn of phrase in these chapters – there truly are those who promise liberty through corruption, which inevitably brings them down into bondage.

                I have noticed that most of us don’t truly want liberty.  Instead we want power, which (as we see it) is freedom from consequence.  Frankly there is very little that I cannot do if I want to, law or otherwise notwithstanding.  The hedge on rampant behavior (excluding morality, of course) is that my actions have consequence.

                So when some speak of liberty (really license), they are asking for the capacity to do what they want (which they could anyway) but to not suffer the negative consequences for it.  Liberty, on the other hand, demands truth and consequences by allowing us to pick the blessings we want and allowing us to choose to obey the law that the Lord conditions the receipt of those blessings upon.

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