Friday, September 25, 2015

Alma 13

(September 23, 2015)
                We face a world that has become very wicked – while the trappings of the “good life” surround us (easy, convenience, entertainment, and so forth), the world is steadily slouching away from righteousness.  In this condition, at times it can feel pretty helpless.  After all, what can one man do to change the course of a society?

                Perhaps the answer is nothing in my particular case.  But perhaps not.  After all, Christ was one man (albeit a unique one) that changed the world.  But what about Melchizedek?  He was a man who faced a people that had waxed strong in iniquity and abomination.  His people had all gone astray.  Yet despite this, he was able to help bring about peace and righteousness in his people because of his strength in the Lord.

                I don’t expect that I am in some way going to bring about peace in our age of iniquity.  Perhaps that is a lack of faith on my part, but I think it more that I have an understanding of what the Lord has sent me here to Earth to do.  But one man, performing what the Lord wants of him, can make a profound difference.  The ‘inevitable’ downward slide of society can be stopped by a single person (or group of people).  This is a source of hope, even if I am not the person that will be charged with accomplishing that work.

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