Monday, September 21, 2015

Alma 5

(September 16, 2015)
                Time and again we are reminded in the scriptures that the true Church means something different than the organizational body that we think of as the Church.  Some people use this, of course, to claim that the Church is not necessary or beneficial, but this is an example of Satan pushing us to the extremes in both directions instead of finding the truth in the middle.  He wants us either believing that the Church is all that matters, or he wants us being spiritual but not religious (which is essentially the doctrine of Nehor, when you get right down to it).

                The truth, of course, is between the two.  The Church (particularly the Priesthood) is absolutely essential and the organizational body represents the Kingdom of God on Earth.  But as important as it is to be a member of that Church (and, in the end, it is essential) the true church actually means something a little bit different.  There are those who belong to Christ’s Church who do not belong to the organizational body we have today – and, in the end, that will be rectified.  There are those who belong to the organizational body who do not belong to Christ’s Church – and, sadly, that too will ultimately be rectified.

                Our obligation, then, it to hold as closely to the organizational body as we can, but under no circumstances to deviate from the true church (as defined by those repenting and coming unto Christ).

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