Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 Nephi 20-22

(August 4, 2015)
                There seems to be a very human trait that is brought to light in these chapters.  Sometimes there are traits in us, or people around us, that cause problems that need to be dealt with.  And, unfortunately, sometimes we seek out solutions to those problems in the very traits or with the very people who caused the problems for us in the first place.

                But when we find ourselves in difficult circumstances (of our own making because of our human failings and sins or because of a misplaced reliance on others), the only way out of the hole is to stop digging and turn to the Lord.

                When our selfishness causes problems, our selfishness cannot fix those problems.  When our political or cultural leaders cause problems, those political or cultural leaders cannot fix those problems.  Rather than turning to them again and again, we need to recognize that we are relying on the wrong people (ourselves or others) and turn instead to the Lord.

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