Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 Nephi 26

(August 7, 2015)
                There is a clear contrast drawn here between the way that Satan works and the way that the Lord works.  Satan works through hiding his true intentions, building chains of flaxen cord, and bit by bit drawing someone to their own damnation.

                The Lord, on the other hand, does not work through darkness.  He is open about His intentions (our salvation) and His means (the Atonement) and what He requires of us (everything).
                What becomes interesting is when we start thinking that the Lord must be wrong on how He is operating, and we try to achieve Divine objectives with infernal means.  We try to subtly bind people to the Gospel through flaxen cords, and we determine that being indirect with people (or ourselves) or hedging with the word of the Lord is of a benefit.

                The Lord certainly, were He so inclined, could imitate Satan’s methods and do them far more effectively. That He chooses not to is something that we should notices and imitate.  For how can we say we are about the Lord’s business if we are working from Satan’s playbook?

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